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Ken & Linda Helser

On May 15th 1970, Ken Helser said no to music and yes to Jesus. Ken had a dream for a piece of land where young people could come for camps and retreats.  In 1986, with faith and vision, Ken and Linda watched as the Lord provided enough money for them to purchase 52 acres of land across from their home. Read further.


Jonathan & Melissa Helser

As a family, the Helsers have said yes to the gospel and to spreading the love of Jesus to the world. They love traveling together – drinking in beauty, sharing the goodness of God and building friendships abroad and at home. One of their strongest desires is to see the children of God walking in the fullness of their identities and building strong, sustainable friendships with the Holy Spirit that will continue to serve them their whole lives. Read further.


Cageless Birds

In 2013 a community of artisans known as the Cageless Birds was founded by Jonathan an Melissa Helser.  The mission of the Cageless Birds is to craft songs, art and goods that carry the gospel message through their excellence and beauty. The heart is that these schools would empower everyone who participates to live their life as a powerful person, connected to their heart and dependent on the Holy Spirit. Read further.


18 inch journey

The 18 Inch Journey is like the river flowing through the land of A Place for the Heart.  The 18 Inch Journey has two Phases.  In Phase 1 students come from all around the world to A Place for the Heart to participate in the 18 Inch Journey for two months out of the year and our Phase Two students, six months out of the year. Read further.