CAgeless birds


The idea for Cageless Birds came to Jonathan and Melissa Helser when a community of leaders and creators began to develop from the alumni of their school for the heart, the 18 Inch Journey.  We came to make the head to heart journey and became a strong community of friends who pursued the Lord and served one another.  After several years of building relationships with each other and serving at A Place for the Heart, we launched Cageless Birds in 2013.  

Cageless Birds is our space for the creative overflow.  We come from a community founded on creativity.  Ken Helser, the original Cageless Bird, started A Place for the Heart traveling to play music and sharing the stories of his water color paintings.  At A Place for the Heart, Ken painted numerous watercolors in his studio.  Today, we follow in Ken’s footsteps using creativity everyday in our relationship with God through journaling, painting, playing music or any means we can use to express our hearts.  Cageless Birds is our way of sharing the overflow of our hearts and community.

Our dream for Cageless Birds is to share our work with the world and inspire the voice of creativity in each individual.  We want you to encounter a Cageless Bird work and say, “I want to try.  I want to make something.”  We believe that God blessed all His children with creativity and it’s part of our inheritance to create.

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