Founded in 1986 by Ken and Linda Helser, A Place for the Heart exists to teach and inspire generations to live wholeheartedly in their identity as sons and daughters of the Heavenly Father.  We desire to live from the heart and pump life to the body of Christ.  We believe that guarding, tending and cultivating our hearts is essential to living life fully. 

A Place for the Heart is the parent ministry of Jonathan David and Melissa Helser, the 18 Inch Journey and Cageless Birds.  Each of these various ministries serves a different function for glorifying God and loving people.  The vision of A Place for the Heart is expanding through these various means to bring ministry to the heart.  



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The 18 Inch Journey is the distance between your head and your heart. We believe that bridging this gap is the greatest journey we could ever make as we learn to become confident and whole people.






FUNDS NEEDED : $150,000

The third goal of the Campus Campaign is to build a cabin that can accommodate staff and students.  As the 18 Inch Journey continues to grow, we desire to have more beds to accept more students. The Cabin will feature two private bedrooms and a communal living space and kitchen.