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Ken & Linda Helser


On May 15, 1970, Ken Helser said no to a life focused on the music industry and yes to one focused on Jesus.  He was inducted into the seminary of life where the Bible was his textbook, the Holy Spirit his professor and life the laboratory of testing.  Ken and Linda’s life of ministry began in 1970 by keeping runaways in their home and operating a coffeehouse with Youth Unlimited.  Ken hosted a five-minute radio show called “The Lovelight Salvation Show” that aired throughout the country, and he traveled throughout the Southeast ministering through Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship.

Ken had a dream for a piece of land where young people could come for camps and retreats.  In 1986, with faith and vision, Ken and Linda watched as the Lord provided enough money for them to purchase 52 acres of land across from their home on Beckerdite Road (Sophia, NC).  

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