Zac & Lindsay Vance



Lindsay and Zac fell into a love story through a series of handwritten letters in the final years of Zac finishing school. They married in the summer of 2016 and reside in nearby High Point, NC. Lindsay serves as Assistant Art Director, teaching classes with Justina during the Phase I and Phase II schools. She also serves the ministry as leather goods designer and graphic designer for the Cageless Birds Collective. Her artwork and graphic design work can be found in each volume of Cultivate, which she lovingly designed as a part of the book team. She is a passionate calligraphist, watercolorist and recently began exploring the art of printmaking. Zac recently graduated from ECU's dental school and works as a dentist in Kernersville, NC.  He loves promoting health and wholeness in his community and connecting with people of all ages. The couple loves spending time outdoors and being a part of a generation who bring Heaven to Earth in the everyday.