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Jake & Justina Stevens



Jake and Justina Stevens were married in April of 2014 and have given the past several years to serving the dream of A Place for the Heart.  Jake participated in one of the earliest 18 Inch Journeys and moved to the land soon after to complete a 15 month internship.  Since then he has been traveling and playing guitar for Jonathan and Melissa around the world.  Additionally, Jake is also the Manager of Grounds and Maintenance, tending the land and leading many of the recent building projects on the property including the Art Barn, Dark Room and Coffee Roasting room.  Jake loves being outdoors and working with his hands, and has recently been creating pedal boards and end tables. 

Justina attended the first ever 18 Inch Journey and has been journeying with Jonathan and Melissa since she was a teenager.  She is one of the pioneers of the 18 Inch Journey and is currently on Core Staff where she serves as the Art Director and one of the Phase 2 co-leaders, alongside Chris Miller and Molly Skaggs.  Justina teaches art 6 months out of the year during the 18 Inch Journey, empowering students to experiment and play with art and document personal moments with the Trinity.  In the 6 months that we aren’t hosting schools, Justina assists Melissa with design for the 18 Inch Journey book and oversees the production of our handmade leather journals.  The Stevens love creating on the land and pouring into the dreams and vision of A Place for the Heart.