Out of the Brokenness

 A shepherd's joy is for his sheep to find solitude in green pastures.  His pain is the brokenness many must suffer for Him to lead them there.    

We mistakenly think of sheep as cute, cuddly creatures, joyfully following the shepherd. Instead, they are stupid, stubborn animals, intent on their own way.

A whole flock can be destroyed by one rebellious lamb that refuses correction.  True love compels the shepherd to break the leg of the wayward lamb.

Love's mystery is that the same hands that broke the leg tenderly set the bone and carry the lamb over the shepherd's heart until the leg is healed.  

Out of the brokenness the self-willed lamb learns to trust and love the shepherd, forever following close to the shepherd's side.

Isn't that always the way of the Good Shepherd?  Out of the brokenness...He gives us His wholeness.