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Chris & Jessie Miller


Chris and Jessie Miller met during the 2011 18 Inch Journey, fell in love and were married in March of 2013.  Chris co-leads our Second Phase school and plays bass for Jonathan and Melissa, traveling around the world.  Chris brought his love for great coffee to A Place for the Heart and is currently pioneering coffee roasting here on the land.  Jessie is a high school Biology teacher and has been involved with the 18 Inch Journey since the beginning.  Jessie believes in the vision of the 18 Inch Journey and continues to help staff with every school, even offering her summer vacations from teaching to invest in the students.  Together, the Millers contributed their song “In the Morning” to the Live at Home album.  They are currently living in Asheboro, NC with their dog, Penny, and are continuing to give their lives to seeing the world come to know God as a Father, Savior and Friend.