Luke and Rosemary Skaggs


Luke and Rosemary Skaggs, in May of 2016, joined their two lives together in marriage! They have served the farm as interns and volunteer staff, and they are now serving through an apprenticeship. Luke works helping Joel Case in the music studio, where he's continuing to learn the craft of studio engineering and cultivating his deep passion for producing music, serving the heart and the dreams of song writers and musicians. Rosemary works alongside Emily Pell helping cultivate a long awaited dream of a pottery studio at A Place for the Heart. Rosemary helps lead the pottery collective during the schools teaching others the art of pottery and how God is waiting to encounter them with his love and teaching them about His nature through this craft. Luke and Rosemary fell in love playing music. Throughout their time of discipleship, they have been able to encounter the love of the Father through their passions and every day moments. Luke and Rosemary share a passion to help lead young artist back to find their first love and inspiration. Their passion is to give back the gift they've been given; acceptance and worth through a passionate father who loves them, not for what they can produce for His kingdom, but because they are simply and most importantly His.