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JD & Erin Gravitt


JD and Erin Gravitt are lovers of story that live nearby in Randleman, NC.  JD serves as filmmaker and web developer.  JD gives much of his year to sharing the story and the heartbeat of this ministry through websites and videos.  The Live at Home album features a live video for every song.  JD filmed, produced and directed all ten videos with the hope of giving the viewer the experience of a seat on the living room couch.  JD loves inviting people into story through words, media and film and is looking forward to capturing many more family moments.  Over the past three years, Erin has helped serve the 18 Inch Journey as an Intern and Volunteer Staff and worked as the Client Services Director at pregnancy care centers in Greensboro and Asheboro, NC.  Erin has been cultivating writing, photography and art as a secret place with the Lord since her 18 Inch Journey in 2010, and now contributes pieces to the 18 Inch Journey books that our community is releasing.  The Gravitts are proud parents of their baby girl Quill Reverie Gravitt.  Together, they are investing in our schools, loving the local community and sharing the power of story.